What to expect

Learn the basics of schematic layout in today! This course will teach you the basics of schematic capture using the Upverter interface by building a 555 timer 'Blinky' circuit.

Course Content

Learn the basics of electronics prototyping.

  • 1

    Intro to Circuits

    • Introduction to Blinky 555

    • Why Blinky?

    • The Napkin Sketch

    • Building a circuit on the Breadboard

  • 2

    Create Schematics in Upverter

    • Starting with Your Schematic

    • Find the 555

    • Add Power

    • nRESET

    • Add Resistors

    • Add Capacitors

    • Add the LED

    • Wires & Nets

    • Editing Net Names

  • 3

    Pick Your Components

    • Know Your Components

    • Introducing... The 555 Timer!

    • Smaller Components

    • Finding the Right Part

    • More On Navigating the Parts Database

  • 4


    • Summary So Far

    • Circuits and Schematics Quiz

  • 5

    Upverter DevX Survey 3 - Circuits and Schematics Course Feedback

    • Survey Introdctuion

Introducing Upverter

Upverter is a professional grade tool for systems, schematics & PCB design that works in the browser and is optimized for collaborative teams. Upverter is free to use and is accessible to students, teachers and anyone looking to learn electronics design.