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The Upverter Education Platform is a free resource to teach circuit design, using the Upverter tool. Create a team, invite your students and inspire the next generation of inventors & engineers.


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There aren’t many PCB design courses in traditional education programs, so many new circuit board designers are forced to go online to find educational resources. The same goes for design software, which can range in cost from a monthly subscription to free programs with limited features. Upverter education introduces professional tools and concepts to students in a fun and accessible format.
Today, the Upverter Education platform is providing students with online PCB design tools, course material, and a vibrant community of fellow engineers to make distance learning a more fulfilling experience. Students are doing much more than completing coursework, they’re building real hardware platforms and gaining experience the industry demands.
Designers don’t need to know how to set up a PCB manufacturing facility, but it helps to know how the fabrication process works and how it relates to design choices in a PCB layout. Learning more about the manufacturing process helps designers determine when a circuit board might fail during fabrication and assembly. Learning more about these areas can help designers make smart design choices and get through manufacturing successfully.
To continue expanding design capabilities for students, as well as expand access to these tools, we are committed to forging new strategic partnerships with other leading companies in the electronics industry. These partnerships are building awareness of the Upverter Education ecosystem and giving students greater access to resources to help them learn electrical engineering online.