What to Expect

Learn the basics of designing electronics with building blocks using the Upverter Modular Workspace.

Do it all — PCB design, schematics, easy manufacturing, all from one browser!

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Anatomy of Modular Design

    3. Modular Circuit Boards

    4. Embedded Systems

    1. The Anatomy of a Module

    2. What Is an Abstraction?

    3. Simply Complex Circuits

    4. Logic and Communication: Riding the Bus

    5. Types of Buses

    6. Power

    7. Providers and Requirers

    1. Functions of Different Modules

    2. COMs, MCUs, and MPUs

    3. Networking Modules

    4. Memory Modules

    5. Power Regulator Modules

    6. Display and Camera Modules

    7. Other Modules

    1. Quiz

About this course

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Upverter Modular

A New Way to Design Electronics

Upverter is a groundbreaking tool for PCB design that works in the browser and is optimized for embedded systems and robotics development.