About Us

Upverter Education, developed by Altium, is committed to eliminating existing barriers in STEM education, opening up opportunities for students to design and create their own electronic products. Originally launched in September 2020, the Upverter Education program has been adopted across the globe in over 50 countries.

To develop the program, Altium partnered with the educational community, developing courses in printed circuit board (PCB) design that can be tailored to any teacher’s needs. Teachers can implement the entire free PCB design course over six weeks, or isolate individual units as needed to supplement existing lecture plans. This flexible, module style approach has been adopted quickly and broadly among our educational partners.

The Upverter Education free distance learning program includes:

  • Teacher's Guide for step-by-step classroom integration 
  • Progressive PCB design courses that take students through the electronic design process, from the fundamentals to designing their own hardware 
  • Access to Upverter, an easy to use, collaborative, web-based tool for designing electronics 
  • A library of example projects and videos for inspiration and instruction
  • A guided project students can design using Upverter resources, making getting started with electronic projects easy 

Upverter Education Engineering Essentials Courses guides students through the design, prototyping and manufacturing of electronics engineering. The collaborative and remote learning features fit perfectly with virtual learning environments, allowing teachers to easily customize the program to best suit their virtual or hybrid learning needs.

Upverter Education offers more advanced programs, empowering college-level students and beyond to learn more about PCB design. The structured programs allow students to learn PCB design, from basic to advanced level concepts. Upverter Education also partners with multiple school programs to help advance the next generation of electronics designers, empowering women in STEM programs, and supporting educators worldwide.