What to expect

This project has been created to act as a guide for circuit development in Upverter Modular. In this project, we'll build a modular circuit board that can control motors based on a sensor input. We'll also use the Arduino Portenta microcontroller to accomplish this.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Arduino Boards

    3. What is a Shield Board?

    4. Building with Arduino

    1. Overview: What is the Portenta?

    2. Specifications and Interfaces

    3. Planning a Shield Board

    1. Smart Motor Controller

    2. Build a Shopping List

    3. Starting with the Board Builder

    4. Sensors and ADC

    5. Motor Drivers and Mounting Holes

    6. Finishing with Power

    7. Initial Placement

    8. Making Connections

    9. Next Steps

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