What to Expect

Est. 1 - 3 Hours

Learn the foundations of combination logic in electronics design with this simple project to make a date of birth display.

Course curriculum


    1. What is Combinational Logic?

    2. Design Specifications

    3. The Common-Cathode 7-Segment Display

    1. Truth Tables

    2. Setting Up the DOB Truth Table

    3. The Karnaugh Map (K-Map)

    4. Segment 'a': K-Map

    1. Disjunctive Normal Form: Segments 'b' through 'g'

    1. Logic Gates in Detail

    2. AOI Logic: Segment 'a'

    1. DeMorgan's Laws

    2. Segment 'a' in NAND Logic

    3. Segment 'a' in NOR Logic

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